Respite Care

Seniors First offers respite care to help caregivers find relief from the daily demands
of caring for a loved one. The scope of respite care is typically delivered in the client’s home for a few hours a day.

  • Respite care provides family support, allowing for elderly adults to remain in the comfort of home.
  • Respite care services may be tailored to meet the needs of the client and caregiver.
  • In-home respite care can be more cost-effective than off-site options for your loved ones.
  • Caregivers can safely and confidently leave the home for an hour or so, for any reason.
  • When caregivers have time to care for themselves, they can better care for others. Taking a walk or a yoga class, exercising, playing golf or tennis, getting a massage or a manicure, meeting a friend for lunch, shopping, and even crossing errands off a list can help caregivers feel refreshed and ready to renew the routine of care.
  • Respite care allows caregivers time to focus on other family members.
  • Respite care providers can often give caregivers guidance with procedures at home, such as suggesting ways to ease personal care or remember medication.
  • Respite care providers can also provide emotional relief for caregivers, helping to “lift the load” by simply listening and being there.

Contact Us

If you are interested in Respite Care services, please contact Senior First’s Information and Referral Specialist, Sharon, at 540-635-7141 or email